Why Life Coaching? FAQs.


What Is Life Coaching?

So you may be sitting there reading this and asking yourself what exactly is a life coach. I'm glad you asked, the simplest definition that I can give you is that there are times when life seems to be on “pause.” Call it a rut, a stall, or a difficult moment—however, you put it, these trying times can have you questioning your purpose and the very things that used to motivate you. That’s where life coaching comes in. Life coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client where the coaching relationship provides a safe and empowering space for individuals to identify the ways that they want to improve their lives and then create goals that are positive, future-focused and inspiring. The coach will help to break down these goals into manageable steps to help the person transition from where they currently are, to where they want to be. 

Why Do I Need A Life Coach?

Life coaching is an investment in yourself and can benefit your entire life. The benefits you will gain from coaching include:

  • Clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it.
  • Bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 
  • Strategies and techniques which facilitates you to reach your goal faster.
  • Overcome obstacles, low confidence, and insecurities.
  • Explore and evaluate all possible options available.
  • Dedicated time, support, encouragement, and motivation.

Life Coaching versus Counseling

Life coaching is a profession that is completely different from counseling, advice, consulting, or therapy. The coaching process examines what is going on in the person's life right now, unpacking what their obstacles or challenges are, and formulating a course of action to help them achieve the things that they want in my life.

Life coaching is different from counseling where sessions focus mainly on the person's past in order to bring about understanding and healing. It is also different from mentoring or advice-the life coach's goal is not to tell the person what they should do or how to live their life. It's about being a facilitator that empowers the person to identify the changes that they would like to make and then helping them through the process of achieving these goals. 

Life coaching is about asking questions and offering a range of skills that empower the person to find the answers within themselves. 

How Does Coaching Work In General?

Coaching typically consists of a series of one-on-one sessions between you and your life strategies coach and usually lasts 45 to 90 minutes each. Most clients generally meet either in person or online distance dictating. Sessions are scheduled once a week but can be scheduled bi-weekly or even once a month depending on the needs of the client. Scheduling is flexible and can be adjusted. 

During your first two sessions, we will go over your goals, establishing what you hope to achieve through life coaching. If you aren't clear on your goals yet, that is okay. As your coach, I'm trained to ask you the right questions and actively listen to what you are saying (and not saying) to help you decipher what truly matters to you. 

By utilizing active listening skills along with a variety of assessments, we will be able to uncover many of your deepest desires and the right goals will come to light. We will be able to discover your strengths, values and the things that give your life meaning and purpose. 

The primary purpose of these conversations, questions, and assessments is to give you absolute clarity about what you want to achieve and then help you develop a personalized plan to achieve it. 

Can I Receive Coaching In Person?

In-person sessions can be scheduled locally in the greater Cleveland area and surrounding cities. Special arrangements can be made with the business manager for out-of-state as well as global sessions, including speaking engagements, group coaching and consulting. 

How Long Can I Receive Coaching?

Coaching can be done in single pay-as-you-go sessions as well as monthly packages in increments of 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12-month packages.